The pasty tax

A new tax raising the price of Cornish pasties by 20 per cent could cost jobs and harm the economy in the south-west, campaigners and MPs have warned.

That\’s odd. I thought hot food takeaways already paid VAT, while cold did not….

7 thoughts on “The pasty tax”

  1. but if VAT is applied at the standard rate to pasties heated/baked on premises, then it will also have to be applied to freshly-baked bread – ie the stuff you buy that is still warm from the oven. That is a classic form of tax simplification.

  2. Why not simplify it further and have a flat consumption tax. Get rid of zero rating entirely. It works in New Zealand. Politicians can’t fiddle with it on the sly, if they want more money they have to openly change the rate. You don’t end up with the VAT man sticking thermometers into your produce or ludicrous court cases about how many angel cakes can dance on the pinhead Chancellor.

  3. I like hot cornish pasties. VAT added won’t stop me buying one, most of the ones I buy are cold anyway and I warm them up in a microwave.

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