There\’s celebrity and then there\’s celebrity

The new website claims that it is the only place you can talk directly to a TRUE Celebrity on the phone.

Sample rates:

Danielle Staub: $18 per minute ($1,080 per hour)
Tila Tequila: $20 per minute ($1,200 per hour)
Dina Lohan: $18 per minute ($1,080 per hour)
Nadya Suleman (OctoMom): $12 per minute ($720 per hour)
Michael Lohan: $10 per minute ($600 per hour)

Who the fuck are these people?

I think we can make a general rule here. Anyone who is hiring out their time for roughly what a City lawyer does, for rather less than a decent whore does (to the extent that I am not repeating myself), just isn\’t famous enough to actually be a celebrity.

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