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I\’ve just been asked if I can sell some \”baleine oil\”. I assume, given that the email came from a native French speaker, that they mean whale oil.

Does anyone at all still use this stuff?

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  1. What would whales need whale oil for? Are they reading at night by the light of whale oil lamps?

    No, what whales need are modern kerosene lamps.

  2. Scottish whales hope it might fund their university tuition fees and free prescriptions post independence.

  3. I gathered that the cosmetics industry consume q. a lot, but I may well have been misinformed; I’d imagine that the brands which do would keep quiet about it. It has a very very low waxing point, so useful in lubricating weapons in deeply sub-zero temperatures…

  4. If “baleine” = baleen whale, I doubt it, especially after the extinction of the Atlantic right whale. There might be some from Japanese sources, but look up International Whaling Commission.

    Sperm whale oil, essential for automatic gearboxes, also largely (in US I think entirely) replaced by jojoba oil.

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