We called but you were out

So we offed the bird next door:

A controversial system of mobile euthanasia units that will travel around the country to respond to the wishes of sick people who wish to end their lives has been launched in the Netherlands.

The scheme, which started on Thursday , will send teams of specially trained doctors and nurses to the homes of people whose own doctors have refused to carry out patients\’ requests to end their lives.

11 thoughts on “We called but you were out”

  1. There’s something about this mobile unit I find totally chilling.

    And haven’t the Dutch already run into trouble with offing patients who haven’t made a formal request? You think they’d be cutting back, not ramping up!

  2. But the Dutch are so cool!

    So it’s going to be alright.

    Just glad I haven’t yet reached retirement age.

    On a slightly different note, my aged pater is getting an expensive drug (they told him so he could call the Dutch or just refuse to take it) that will help keep a chronic soon to-be-fatal disease at bay.

    He has selfishly decided to take it and he has an empty bedroom in his house which he isn’t even occupying at the moment. Oldie’s! Let’s get’em

  3. The mobile Council euthanasia van was a proposal in a Margery Allingham novel in the 50s (The Beckoning Lady I think, the one about the money-laundering racetrack).

    Even in the novel it was not proposed as a serious idea, but merely as a way to wind up the vicar.

  4. But Jan Kuyper, of the Life End Clinic Foundation, said: “We’re not trying to push any boundaries here.”


  5. A Dutch acquaintance told me–fully 18 years ago–that the country was rife with rumors that hospital medical staff routinely “put down” many whose lives were considered as “not worth saving.” He said that such rumors were so prevalent that many considered them when making decisions about how or whether to treat particular medical conditions. I remember him clearly stating that almost nobody, anymore, still went into hospitals for something that could be handled otherwise–if they were over the age of 55.

    I think I’ve mentioned this before.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    What happens when they do off the old dear next door? The police make raids on the wrong place all the time. It is inevitable they will get the address wrong or something.

    Will they be charged with murder?

    I expect not.

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