Who the hell have I pissed off at Political Scrapbook?

Obviously, someone, mightily, if they\’re going to strain so hard to produce this gnat.

Never having been to the site before I\’ve no idea who have I have annoyed nor even who they are.

Still, if I\’m annoying idiots that much I\’m obviously doing something correct.

27 thoughts on “Who the hell have I pissed off at Political Scrapbook?”

  1. I always wonder about people who think that every single bad thing someone does must be condemned as strongly as possible, marked by candlelit vigils, etc. Almost as if they’re trying to prove something to themselves.

    I wouldn’t mind, were it not for the double-standard. Remember those UAF thugs videotaped saying “Don’t kick a woman, but do kick a dog”? The Left certainly didn’t condemn that as strongly as they could have.

  2. On receiving the tip-off: “Tim who?”

    It’s clear you’re out on a limb here. Even Paul Staines and Harry Cole won’t defend you.

    Perhaps apologise to Cormac?

  3. I think you’re very clearly in the wrong on this one. I suggest you tell them that on reflection you realise that the part of the post about the assault was a mistake.

  4. You’re entitled to say whatever you damn well like on your own blog. I’d suggest responding to those with frothing mouths by immaturely pointing to some of the tweets, blogs, comments spouting vitriol about Tim Worstall – whoever he is..

  5. “I suggest you tell them that on reflection you realise that the part of the post about the assault was a mistake.”

    Why? What purpose would that serve?

  6. Good work Tim.

    But then, it’s not that difficult to cause “offense” to the hypocrites on the left.

    And I don’t know what he’s got to apologise for…

    He just said something some lefty vermin didn’t approve of…

    So what?

  7. They are left wing, you are not. Keep upsetting them, you’ll be doing the Nation a service. Mark this for the next time a Labour loon wishes Thatcher dead.

  8. Ignore it, Tim. It’s the usual faux outrage from the left. They love to feel offended: it feeds their mistaken sense of moral superiority. Meanwhile, left-wing sites often revel in hatred of everyone who disagrees with them.

  9. The left have murdered 150 to0 200 million human beings in the last hundred years.

    Don’t know what you said. Don’t care.

    Piss on ’em

  10. One of the problems with the interwebs is that snides and jokes don’t always carry well, particularly if in poor taste to start with – appreciate this is subjective, but a reference to a doubtless traumatising assault is pretty clearcut. Am sure nobody sane believes Tim is a proponent of Physical Force Libertarianism. But the casual comparison was ill-judged, and that’s regardless of your opinion of the genuineness of the “outrage” expressed at political scrapbook.

    To be fair my respect for Mr Hollingsworth was increased by the reference to his unfortunate incident, although I doubt that was the intent of the inclusion.

  11. If the left have to resort to such wilful misinterpretation of Tim’s post in order to make a point, well it just shows that they don’t really have a point to make.

    If they are concerned about violence then perhaps they should check out some of the UAF or SWP protests. But who am I kidding? Since when has the left been opposed to violence? Any left-wing message board just oozes hate and menace.

  12. One of the joys of reading Tim is his liberal use of flippant remarks to illustrate a point.

    I suppose those who don’t read him regularly see some of the remarks as crass and take offence. That’s their problem for being thin skinned and not reading Tim.

    And if they did read him regularly they wouldn’t be making stupid comments that that deserved the flippant remark in the first place.

    So all I can say is more fool them.

  13. Tim, if you’re pissing off people like that, you’re clearly doing something right!

    I did like that, in a comment thread full of exaggerated dislike of violence, someone suggested that you’d ‘better get used to looking over your shoulder’…

    Comedy gold!

  14. PaulB: “Nice echo chamber you’ve got here.”

    Translation: ‘Waaah! Waaah! Listen to me! I’m right, everyone else is wrong! How very DARE you have your own opinions! *stamps foot*’

  15. @17
    Disregarding your and Julia’s last comments I make it 11 supportive of Tim 4 against and one a bit of both, not much of an echo chamber when nearly a third of the comments express a dissenting view. FWIW I think the original comment was probably a bit ill judged but the outrage is, as usual, way over the top and all the subsequent fisticuffs is just handbags, average day on the internet really.

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  17. JM: it’s a pretty poor translation; I’m used to people disagreeing with me here.

    Tim ended his post with “if I’m annoying idiots that much I’m obviously doing something correct”. Several commentators seem to agree with the sentiment, but you echoed it pretty well word for word.

    I suppose that Tim made the remark light-heartedly. I hope you’re capable of seeing how vacuous it is as an attempt at rhetoric.

  18. I don’t approve of Tim’s comment and at the time I thought it was ill-judged. But so what? We all say things we shouldn’t at some time or another.

    If he continued to make that sort of remark in every post then I’d get irritated and go elsewhere, but once? That’s a path for angels only.

    As I say above, what’s the point in apologising? He obviously doesn’t respect Hollingsworth, so any apology would in essence be, “I shouldn’t have implied you need a twatting, but I still think you’re a twat.” The only people who benefit from an apology are Tim’s political opponents who want to see him prostrate.

  19. I read your original. I get the point you made. You’ve upset a few lefty muppets. Nothing to see there, move along now.

  20. Freedom of Speech, anyone?
    Mr. Worstall said nothing illegal. He has every right to say what he did and has no cause to apologise, retract or otherwise comment on what he said.

  21. The people who are saying ‘he can say what he wants’ – yeah, he can, nobody is suggesting we prosecute him. We’re just exercising our right to freedom of speech to show that he was being a prick.

  22. Always amusing to watch someone being a prick whilst exercising their right to freedom of speech to show that someone else was being a prick.

    More popcorn needed…

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