Ahhh, now I understand why I disagree with Paul B

It\’s because he\’s an airhead:

I think that most people who go into politics do so in the belief that they can make the world a better place.

Nope. Public Choice.

Now I\’ve actually worked in politics. Been a candidate in a real election, run* the press office for a real party in a real election. We came second in a national election after I had been doing so.

So, you know, I know sorta stuff?

This desire to make a better world stuff? Sure, there\’s a few. All and every candidate of my party for sure**.

The majority? Of the majority of those I\’ve seen going into politics there\’s a vile division between those who think it\’s an easy screw. £60k a year plus exp for fuck all and those who are just looking for any ability at all to tell everyone else what to do.

You might call it the George and Nadine wings of politics.
In fact I would if it were not for the libel laws.

*Clive will righteously argue over \”run\” and correct to \”doing what he\’s told\”.

** That not coppery, nickely, stuff should be engaged there.

24 thoughts on “Ahhh, now I understand why I disagree with Paul B”

  1. You sound very bitter.

    Tim adds: Indeed. A decade ago I would have regarded this view of politics as being very cynical indeed. To the point of absurdity.

    Having actually seen it up close, worked in Westminster for a year (yea, even unto a Westminster Palace pass) I vary between it being plain simply truth and sweetly naive. There are those there really to do something but they’re vastly outweighed by the theives, knaves and charlatans: the most dangerous being those who really would tell us all how to live.

  2. Hence my argument that anyone who wants political office probably shouldn’t be allowed to have it, and hence from that my argument that at least one chamber of the Parliament should be picked at random from the electoral register.

  3. Fuck off, Worstall, you know dick!

    How can you possibly think what you’ve just dribbled without mixing with the people that are excretia!

    You arsehole.

    It simply shows how out of fucking touch yoou are with real people who seek real change.

    You are a parody of a turd.

  4. OK, without the knobbing language:

    You worked for some extremists that wanted their birthright to remain wedged into public life. Just like the hard right wankers that believe in ‘indigenous superirority’. You do know that’s how your blog reads, don’t you Worstall; a barrage of envious tirades against thinking people that don’t base their existence on their massive self-believing introspection.

    Anyone that thinks everyone else’s problems, and the comments thereon, is some fucking joke to be ridiculed has serious cognitive deficiencies.

    You should be hanged.

    How’s that?

    Hold on while you process that through your childish brain. Computer says no? Are you alive?

  5. That’s fucking right Arnauld,

    We all know that Politics is full of people in it for the common good.

    Apart from those bastard Tories, bankrolling their bankster chums, those fucking power hungry Blairite neo-liberal wank-stains, Republicans over the pond and all other baby eating right wing politico’s.

    Proper Keynesian Social democratic politicians, obviously in it to help mankind and to better the lot of the common man.

  6. Yes, Ian B, what you say is true, but . . . just the same, look how clearly Arnald shows us all how to make the world a better place. Inspiring, isn’t it?

  7. PaulB
    Let’s be honest about this. Who’d stand for UKIP if they were serious about carving themselves out a rich career in politics. More importantly, who’d have stood in the GE before last?

  8. PaulB, one reason why Tim’s old party are different may be that most of them didn’t expect to win anything.

    So they generally wouldn’t be in it for the money or the power, because it wasn’t a very effective way of getting either.

    But the main parties have a decent chance of it. Even if they don’t win a seat this time, if they do a good job they’ll get a safer one next time.

    And there’s lots of consolation prizes which carry a big enough wodge of money or petty power to attract the wrong sort of people. Local councillor, NHS Trust board member, LVT Housing Association board member, a seat on a review board or commission, MBE, etc. etc.

  9. Now that I’ve read the footnote, I can give up on the irony and get on to the Public Choice theory Tim is so fond of.

    What Public Choice theory says is that politicians will act mainly in their own interests. Which means that if you make them dependent on large donations, they’ll act to please large donors. Which is just what we don’t want them to do. Which is what makes it idiocy to put them in that position.

    What Public Choice doesn’t tell us is why people choose to become politicians in the first place. Perhaps Tim would care to tell us why he stood for elected office.

  10. Whoever’s doing Arnald, that was one of your better efforts. To have him accusing others of cognitive deficiencies was comic genius.

  11. Yeah, it’s superb parody. Isn’t there talk of a new version of Yes Minister? Maybe someone’s trying out characterisation for a left wing intellectual.

  12. People stand for office of any kind because you all are doing it all wrong
    – and they can ‘help’, ‘contribute’ or other such thoughts.
    Don’t dictators become less and less ‘mad’ and more ‘a true leader’ as they move up the ladder.

  13. Odd that Tim thinks that failing in politics makes him an expert.

    Tim adds: I’d not describe being part of the team that got UKIP to beat Labour into third place in the euro-elections as failure….not really.

  14. Some are in it for pure motives, to help their fellow man. Some are in it for the dough, or the power, or the chicks, or the giggles, or the biggie it gives them. Some do it because their dad made them fit for nothing else.

    The same is true of soldiers, policemen, nurses, teacher, civil servants, journalists and bloggers.

    But the motivation is not what drives the outcome.

    Great social projects fail, not because of the motives of the drivers, but the impossibility of planning and the impossibility of finding out what others want.

    I could live in a country where every politician and official was pure as the driven snow, a noble breed prepared to lay down their life to stop one pensioner dying of the cold. But if they think the answer to problems is throwing money at them and designing monolithic delivery systems with complicated plans and didn’t allow for variation in needs and perceptions of individuals, they’d fail just as hard.

  15. “What Public Choice theory says is that politicians will act mainly in their own interests. Which means that if you make them dependent on large donations, they’ll act to please large donors.”
    Logic error, why should their own interests depend on who or how they are paid. If they are interfering toss-pots then they are likely to continue being interfering toss-pots however they are paid.

  16. Tim, what assembly are you a member of?

    My 2 mins of googling says ukip have 11 mps, labour have 13. That puts you ahead? Shots on goal don’t count.

    Tim adds: Party list election. Look on, for example, wikipedia. We got more votes, a higher portion of the vote, than Labour did in that election. We beat them.

    That one or two of our MEPs have then become not our MEPs is indeed a not nice story. There’s been a defection to the Tories, one from the Tories to us (not yet in your data I think). And so on.

    But on election day we got more votes: we beat them.

    And no, I’ve never claimed that I got elected, that I am a member of an assembly.

  17. Tim, I’ve been looking at the ukip website. More interesting than I expected (i’m not being sarky). But can you explain one of their/your(?) London policies. Ukip want to scrap congestion charge cameras, but don’t say they want to scrap the charge. How’s that going to work?

    Leave aside that they go on to say use the cameras to catch uninsured/untaxed drivers – I’m just intrigued how road pricing works without enforcement.

    Tim adds: You got me. I dunno.

    But leaving the EU is still a good idea which is why I am a member of and support the party.

  18. Worstall, you’re delusional.

    Use your fucking stats knowledge, yeah?

    Maybe with some historical basis? Doing the the stats thing, yeah? Ermmmm argle bargle? rilly? sirrsly? hang them? ignorant twats? die? etc etc

    Jeebus Cries

    You really are a lowlife bathed in sanctimonious toff spunk.

    I hope you just saw one of your mates, a major gobshite, in action on behalf of ukip on the evil commie BBC! you know, the baby-eating, commie-licking, anti-human bbc? Lord Cunt. Your mate.

    Well done Timmy! Keep being a dick!


    “eurgh! you smell!”

  19. Arsenald once again proves that comments sections on blogs should be fitted with a breathalyser.

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