An interesting point about Ms. Laurie Penny

She quite literally does not know which way to look when crossing the road.

Gives us a useful baseline from which to judge her ruminations on whether society should look left or right…..

Another view of the same events.

6 thoughts on “An interesting point about Ms. Laurie Penny”

  1. The London cabbie who was taking me back to my hotel last night reckons that the traffic around Buck House was reorganised because of the number of tourists who were getting killed.

  2. As someone over at David Thompson’s pointed out, in the case of Penny Dreadful we have someone who is simultaneously intelligent enough (or so she says) to tell everyone how they ought to live, but too thick to be allowed out in public.

  3. Given the woman’s harriesque creative talents, it’s likely the entire event’s a work of fiction intended to remind her audience what a sophisticate she is. Most likely, she was probably ticketed for jaywalking by one of New York’s Finest & discovered that the DONT CROSS light applies to lefty journalists as well.
    Note to Ms Penny: It being red doesn’t make it your personal, private colour.

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