Bootle\’s right here

The French don’t really believe in markets.

4 thoughts on “Bootle\’s right here”

  1. I thought it was curious that the article was accompanied by an advert for gold investing.

    Coincidence or was it triggered by mention of the gold standard in the article? French peasants are renowned for keeping gold bars under their beds. What do they know that we don’t? Collapse of the Euro anyone?

  2. They like them if they are completely rigged in their favour.

    29% of the vote went to totalitarian candidates in the afrench election. Incredible. Thank God the EU exists to save us from extremism, eh?

  3. Bootle is having a laugh isn’t he, when he says the French civil service is efficient?

    Let’s count the number of layers of bureaucracy between commune and centre. Seven, or is it nine?

    Let’s count the number of fonctionnaires. After 5 million even the state gives up and can’t tell us to the nearest 100,000, even on a historical snapshot.

    The truth is that the French state has played the guilt card over and over for 60 years and the Germans have rolled over. (Backwards, this time, not over the Ardennes.)

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