Bram Stoker\’s Obituary

As it is said, interesting what they thought was memorable about him at the time:

Bram Stoker, author, theatrical manager, close friend and adviser of the late Sir Henry Irving, died in London last Sunday. For twenty-seven years he was business manager for the famous English actor, in charge of the Lyceum Theatre during Irving\’s tenancy of that house….

His [Stoker\’s] best-known publication is \”Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving,\” issued in 1908. Among his other works, mostly fantastic fiction, are \”Under the Sunset,\” \”The Snake\’s Pass,\” The Watter\’s Mou,\” The Shoulder of Shasta,\” \”Dracula,\” \”The Mystery of the Sea,\” and \”The Lady of the Shroud.\”

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  1. Just come back from lecturing at Stoker’s centenary at the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin.

    Henry Irving was the Michael Jackson of his day. It’s not that surprising that is the main point of reference back then. It’s my theory that Dracula was based on Henry Irving who ‘devoured’ hundreds of young ladies on his casting couch! It is a little known fact that Dracula was first written as a play which Irving refused to perform, probably because it was too close to reality!

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