Chinese politics from an economist

The reason to watch this is that the desire for political liberalization doesn’t strike most populations until the per capita income gets high enough: in the $5-10K range.
China is not run by a dictator, it’s more of a junta: a small collection of men who collude politically. Microeconomics teaches us that collusive arrangements are not stable.

All rather fun and informative. A very good primer….

5 thoughts on “Chinese politics from an economist”

  1. It might just be chance that these princelings have a son at Harvard, not a daughter.
    On teh other hand, if you’ve had multiple abortions before getting the male foetus you might get a bit blasé about dropping some cyanide in a foreigner’s chai.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Singapore is run by one party which is not very democratic. That party in turn is run by one family which is decidedly unfriendly to democracy.

    Singaporeans seem happy enough. Despite their incomes passing that limit a generation ago.

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