Forward to the Stone Age!

Dear God:

What people really need is the ability to adapt to their environment, rather than be fobbed off with the promise that if they work hard, they can escape it.

Well, that\’s the entire premise of civilisation buggered then.

Pity, Mrs. Will Self is usually quite reasonable.

5 thoughts on “Forward to the Stone Age!”

  1. It’s not just people, is it. Think of beaver dams & rabbit burrows. Birds that nest. Termite mounds & spiders’ webs. Caddis larvae & coral.
    Maybe it’d be better if we gave in to this new fangled, living on land nonsense, disassociated into single cells & carved out a future for ourselves as pond slime.
    After all, the natural environment of the planet is sterile with a CO2/methane atmosphere.

  2. Forward to the stone age? You stop wrecking the environment and leave those damn stones where you found them!

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