French election results


I was (uselessly, I know) hoping for Le Pen and Melenchon in the second round. Just for the sheer joy of watching what happened next as two loons fought it out.

8 thoughts on “French election results”

  1. Interesting that the FN did so well. Given that the core racist-Poujadist voters are say 10% the rest have just voted against the EU?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Didn’t someone say that the FN is the most popular party among the 18-24 year olds?

    Shades of Ron Paul?

  3. Bit of an odd combination: “Francois Hollande wants to target the rich with a 75% tax rate on those earning more than €1m a year… He plans to limit executive pay to 20 times the average wage”. So no one will be earning more than €1m a year then.

  4. “Anyway JJ, not all earnings are wages”
    I know, I know, good joke though.

    It occurs to me: why stop there? Why not limit all earnings to 20 times the average wage?

  5. Also, now that the “far-right” Marine Le Pen has supposedly stopped focusing on immigration, are we allowed to start calling her the “far-left” Marine Le Pen?

  6. SMSF: if they did, they were exaggerating. The opinion poll breakdown (which is the best we can get, cos obviously the actual results aren’t demographically segmented) suggests 31% Hollande, 23% Le Pen, 21% Sarko. So a combination of Ron Paul-ery and right-leaning kids rejecting the hated incumbent.

    BiF: that’s applying a British filter to events. More like, hating the austerity consensus and believing the two main parties have nothing to offer.

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