From a Tax Foundation email

Yeah, sure, partisan and biased but:

Americans paid federal incomes taxes of $945 billion.

Sounds like enough to run a government on if I am to be honest really.

You know, a trillion dollars does actually manage to buy an awful lot of what citizens would actually like from a government. Perhaps not as much as the governors would like to be paid for providing that government but that\’s rather a different thing.

A trillion bucks.

Sounds like a reasonable top end limitiation on the size of government to me. You know, if they can\’t do it for one thousand thousand big ones then can they do it at all?

And, erm, please note. SS, FICA, Medicare, Medicaid, these are nothing to do with this. For they are not funded by federal income tax, they are funded by their own hypothecated taxes.

We really are talking about a trillion bucks for the fuckers in Wash DC. And, err, fuck \’em.

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  1. Following on, according to Wikipedia, in 2011 they spent $700bn on the military, and $227bn on interest payments. Lot of wonga, that.

  2. The interest paid on the debt held by China is enough to fund the PLA. What kind of hegemon finances its chief rival?

  3. Possibly, one that believes in its innate invincibility due to some inherent cultural superiority? Might be worth asking the Romans again. And Alaric.

  4. Hmm. I think we might be getting the funding the wrong way round here: the US army is paid for with money borrowed from China, of which the interest payments are a small proportion.

  5. #IanB
    It seems to have taken the Yanks about 100 years to get to where it took the Romans( in the west) about 500 years and the Romans( in the east) about 1400 years.
    However let’s not write them off just yet, it could be that they get round to electing people who actually believe in smaller government. I know, hilarious eh?

  6. Jonathan-

    History moves fast these days. Mind you, some ancient empires rose and fell pretty rapidly too, the old “great man builds it, great man’s son loses it” thing.

    I get the feeling that the Americans won’t handle decline as well as we did, in a psychological sense. All that “manifest destiny” and millennialism…

  7. Cheer up, Ian. According to Holland millennialism only lasts for 37 years (based on 1037) at most and if you’re right about history speeding up…
    Meanwhile “manifest destiny” got torpedoed in about 1917.

  8. The amusing thing about the American Empire is that it seems to have gone from manifest destiny into corruption and decline without any period of ‘basking in the glory of imperial dominion’.

    At least the British Empire had a good century or so of that stuff, roughly from the fall of Napoleon to the start of the Great War.

    That’s 1815 – 1914 for anyone unfamiliar with the history – shame on you!

  9. ZT:

    I don’t quite get your meaning. Are you criticizing the US for funding China or (as is actually happening) China for funding the US?

  10. A few numbers I looked up online for the US federal government in 2011:
    “defense” spending: $929bn
    (including veterans and homeland security)
    individual income tax receipts: $1090bn
    deficit: $1300bn

    Contrary to what Tim says, the federal share (more than half) of Medicaid costs, and the physician and prescription drug components of Medicare costs are paid for out of federal income taxes (and borrowing).

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