How can this possibly be true?

Imported gas is likely to represent an increasing proportion of the UK\’s energy bills, and by 2020 could cost an extra £60bn more than if Britain met the renewable target, according to the study by the Renewable Energy Association (REA).

Renewables cost more than gas.

So how can more gas and less renewables cost more than less gas and more renewables?

4 thoughts on “How can this possibly be true?”

  1. It could mean “imported gas will cost £60bn more than imported gas would have cost if the UK had met its renewable targets”. Because if there was. Ore renewable energy being used, there would have been less imported gas. Of course, the total cost of energy will still be lower, because of what you say, but the amount spent on imported gas will be more.

  2. We need a new category: Questions from Tim Worstall he’s already answered in the headline of his previous piece.

    Gross fucking ignorance.

  3. The study is by the Renewable Energy Association.

    So they would say that, wouldn’t they.

    Even if it’s obvious nonsense.

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