Hugely interesting from Ritchie

This dislike taxes on companies – another boost for the rich.

How can this be?

Ritchie continually tells us that corporate taxes are paid by corporations doesn\’t he? That tax incidence if a phantasm of the neoliberal mind?

But if cutting taxes on companies benefits the rich bastards who own companies then there we are back in tax incidence land, aren\’t we? And once we\’re in tax incidence land we need to study where that incidence is, not just assume that it falls on shareholders.

So Ritchie\’s just undermined his own argument….

5 thoughts on “Hugely interesting from Ritchie”

  1. Ah, you misunderstand. Ritchie is playing to the gallery. Big corporations = the rich, to his audience. They can’t tell the difference between organisations and people, and tax incidence – wassat?

  2. Frances, you have hit the nail on the head (again).

    Murphy does understand incidence (it is too obvious, and this piece gives it away). But it is a pesky subject.

    But he doesn’t have to convince you, me or anyone else. He only has to convince one man: Brendan Barber. And as long as Barber buys Murphy’s nonsense, the work keeps coming on.

    If anyone did convince BB that taxes on corporations may hurt his own members, I’m not sure he would be all that pleased with Mr Murphy.

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