I don\’t want to know any more of this story

Two Welsh men have been charged in Australia with stealing a fairy penguin called Dirk.

Far more fun not to know what actually happened but to allow the imagination to try and construct the plot and story around those few details.

It\’s the sort of thing that would be the leaping off point for one of Alan Coren\’s feuilletons

4 thoughts on “I don\’t want to know any more of this story”

  1. Very rum. It’s not as if Australia has a shortage of sheep, either. And calling a penguin a fairy is very non-PC.

  2. Argumentative little buggers. Fairy Penguins I mean.

    P.S. “Penguin” is said to be one of the few words in English that comes from Welsh.

  3. Last time Dirk goes to a fancy dress party as a sheep. The defense will be that they were rescuing him from a pair of kiwis.

  4. Actually I think this story deserves the greater detail as it has parts that are heartwarming and also that demonstrate the profound stupidity of the penguinnappers (if that was needed).

    The former:
    Dirk has been reunited with his girlfriend “Peaches”

    The latter:
    “were nabbed because they boasted about it on Facebook”

    DMS from Oz
    (Not too far from SeaWorld right now)

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