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Idiot bloody politician

It is the consumer, however, who needs the greatest help. Government and businesses must strive to support the parents who are trying to feed their families for less despite rising food prices. This is entirely possible. We must put a stop to grocery promotions which either result in waste or unnecessarily high consumption.

These promotions: they\’re, umm, price cuts, right?

So, we\’ve got to make food more affordable by banning price cuts.

Yup, that\’ll do it.

The following question will be our focus: how can we ensure good food is affordable and valued in a world where global competition and climate change are expected to result in 30 per cent price increases over the next 15 years?

So food is expected to increase in price rather less than trend growth in incomes then? So food will be becoming, as a portion of incomes, ever cheaper?

Just what actually is the problem here?

8 thoughts on “Idiot bloody politician”

  1. The key word is “valued” – this means that something is worth more in the politicians mind than the market price. “We mustn’t let people buy it at the price suppliers would sell it at because they will only waste it”. So how to prevent this? Tax it!

  2. Just what actually is the problem here?

    That said idiot bloody politicians will be increasing the overall tax take, leaving less for us to spend on essentials. Pity they don’t admit this.

    Alan Douglas

  3. And how many fruit growers does Ms Sandys represent in parliament? This is simple special pleading on behalf of a constituency interest wrapped in foodie righteousness

  4. The bloody idiot obviously doesn’t know how to manage a deep freeze. I freeze down gluts and use them over the ensuing weeks.

  5. I thought we were in the midst of an obesity crisis? You’d think the do-gooders would be pleased to have fixed one problem. Honestly, there’s no pleasing some people!

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