Ignorance at CAFOD

Globally, economic inequality is on a longstanding upward trend.

Actually, it isn\’t.

Quite the opposite.

The explosion in global economic inequality was the Great Divergence which was all about some places having an industrial revolution and others not. The past 30/40 years, this period of neoliberal globalisation that we\’ve had, has seen a fall in global economic inequality.

The standard measure of inequality that we use is the Gini (either index or coefficient, your choice). This has been rising within most countries these recent decades: yet the global number has been falling.

See Xavier Sala i Martin and Branco Milanovic for proof.

Which brings us to CAFOD. If they\’re actually ignorant of the very thing they want to work on why should we either listen to them or give them any of our money?

4 thoughts on “Ignorance at CAFOD”

  1. The interesting point to me being that all those insisting on holding as much of the world as possible back by “sustainability” policies (i.e. in an agrarian subsistence farming model without copious energy sources) are, er, directly increasing global inequality.

    Only a very suspicious cynic person would suggest that that is precisely what they want.

  2. My Father used to derive great glee from running all the charity envelopes from War on Want, Oxfam, Christian Aid etc. through the shredder as soon as they came through the letterbox. The various Christian-backed charity groups have been so thoroughly subverted by the Left that it’s axiomatic none of them is up to any good.

  3. If I’ve got it right, in-country inequality is rising while inter-country inequality is falling.

    So there are fewer genuinely poor people in the world (bad news for aid agencies, because fewer people needing their assistance), and more rich people in poor countries (bad news for aid agencies, because they dislike rich people).

    This also makes it harder for aid agencies to take advantage of Bauer’s Law.

    No wonder they’re unhappy.

  4. I’ve known Chris Bain for over twenty years. To my knowledge he has never allowed his beliefs to be corrupted by anything as mundane as facts.

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