Ignorant twattery from Left Foot Forward again

Moreover, replacement of sold council homes using capital receipts is unlikely to be on a one-for-one basis and, since housing is inelastic in supply, there is likely to be a delay in replacement activity even if large numbers of sales are achieved, which is doubtful given the low incomes of those who remain in social housing.


Does the fool think that council houses, once bought, are destroyed?

No, of course not, so we\’ve not changed the supply of housing one jot or tittle by changing the method of ownership, have we?

2 thoughts on “Ignorant twattery from Left Foot Forward again”

  1. But if you are a left wing twit, the only sort of housing that counts is council housing. One doesn’t actually live in it ones self, one lives in a small converted loft in Limehouse, close to the huddled masses…

  2. Exactly, and I think LFF assumes that the councils should be buying homes to replace the inventory they sell.

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