In wihch the St. Louis Fed agrees with Timmy

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Why We Want a Complicated Tax System: So That People Can Avoid Taxes
by Tim Worstall in Tim Worstall (Forbes), 2012-04-14 14:26:18 UTC

We usually argue that we’d like to have a simple tax system so that people can actually see what it is that they have to pay for whatever it is that they’re getting from government. There are further subsidiary arguments in favour of simplicity: ease of calculation, low distortionary effects and so on. But there’s an intriguing argument that actually we’ll find human happiness, that maximised utility which is the goal of all economic policy, to be highest if we had an even more complex tax system than the one we have. For this would allow those who really don’t like being taxed to practice eve […]

Next in line the Fed actually acts on my advice!

And the real point of this post is that the economics aggregator they\’re running might be very useful for those interested in the wonkier side of econ.

Essentially, they\’re picking up any posts which themselves link to: lives at and aggregates blog posts that discuss economic research. The aggregator looks through blog posts for a link to some research indexed on a RePEc service, currently EconPapers, IDEAS and NEP. IDEAS then also links back from the abstract page to the blog posts.

So rather than, say, my RSS feed for here which will pick up lots of swearing, or my Forbes one which will give you more than you want to know about Apple (that search engine trolling, you know) or even Tyler on food etc, you get just the blog posts which are discussing new economic research.

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