Ken explains his taxes

And why they\’re not important.

The first few comments don\’t seem to be buying it.

A useful reminder that politics is not about what is but about what people believe is.

5 thoughts on “Ken explains his taxes”

  1. Ken’s done nothing illegal. And splitting your income with the wife is a good incentive to remain with the wife, which would be a change for Ken and have social benefits beyond the tax saving.
    He’s still a lying cheating hypocritical socialist, but this witch hunt to make politicians pay extra tax will end in tears.

  2. Ah BlokeInFrance, but you overlooked the fact that the theme of the year is now “We are all in it together”..

  3. Read quite a few of the comments, only saw two who were still in favour of Ken. I reported one for trolling ’cause how can anyone still back him when his integrity is blown to smithereens.

  4. The tax thing never was about the legality. It’s always been about lying, cheating hypocrites, socialist or otherwise. In Ken’s case, the pigeons have come home to roost, and have one target in mind.

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