Lies, damned lies and statistics about Boris

Affordable homes is next. Boris says there will be \”50,000 affordable homes by May next year\”. He doesn\’t say what year. The video says there have only been \”56 affordable home started building between April and September\”. They don\’t say what April and September. Let\’s take a quick look at a random council though. According to the Royal Borough of Greewnich\’s affordable housing and regeneration web pages, \”some 1,198 new homes were built last year\”. Where exactly did this random \”56\” number come from then?

That one\’s easy to explain. It\’s such a dud statistic that even Johann Hari used it.

Forget about starts and completions, that\’s a trivial diference.

Housing statistics are divided into three. Private, housing association/social and council.

Over the years we\’ve moved pretty much all of what used to be called council housing into that housing association/social slot. That\’s where all the \”affordable\” housing comes from now.

Well, pretty much all of it. There\’s still a tiny, residual, council housing sector left. So, what they\’re doing is using that one a week (roughly) council housing building programme as their count for affordable housing while ignoring the thousands upon thousands per quarter completions of affordable housing in the housing association/social sector.

They\’re lying like shits, certainly, but that\’s how they are lying like shits.

7 thoughts on “Lies, damned lies and statistics about Boris”

  1. “Boris says there will be “50,000 affordable homes by May next year”. He doesn’t say what year”

    Er, yes he does. He says “next year”. Being a bright sort of chap I add one year to the current year and I get the correct year.

    Does this mendacious idiot have some sort of temporal problem?

  2. “…such a dud statistic that even Johann Hari used it…”: brilliant. Is there a statistic worse? Even Polly, even Dick Head….?

  3. Frances, thank you, I had forgotten about Dr Clarke.

    I have been to look at his latest drivel, and posted a few comments which I do not expect will ever be seen.

  4. @rob – you’d have a point if it was clear what year the clip of Boris was filmed in… but it wasn’t so you haven’t

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