Lousy cheapskate maggot

As we were told in the comments here, the Colombia tarts thing is actually about someone trying not to pay:

\”One did not leave, police came and she refused to leave until she was paid for her services. So that is what started all this,\” he added.

Further evidence about why prostitution should be legal of course. So that those who would rip off the workers are forced to pay the workers as agreed.

6 thoughts on “Lousy cheapskate maggot”

  1. Absolutely. Apart from anything else, the resultant breach of contract cases and their resultant case law (hookers’ duty of care?) would be hilarious.

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    I think the line goes, “scum, … a maggot, … a cheap lousy faggot.*”

    * this last probably isn’t applicable in this case.

  3. To be strictly accurate of course, prostitution, in the UK at least, isn’t illegal. It’s the various ways the punters & the providers get together that’s the minefield of illegalities.
    As for the law in Colombia……well someone who should know hasn’t the vaguest. Meticulous enforcement of laws isn’t a big thing there.

  4. Actually, BiS, that’s an interesting point: hookering is, as you say, legal in Blighty, at least. Yet as far as I am aware there are no hookering breach of contract cases. Embarrassment, presumably, plays its part, yet are there really no Max Mosley equivalents, unabashed in their chosen vice and determined to uphold their proper rights?

  5. Mr Lud. Thought you were the legal eagle round here.
    Maybe the answers here:

    ” Note; ******* is a professonal escort any money exchanged is for my time only, anything that occurs during the time is between consenting adults”

    That’s taken from the website of a provider* in the UK & presumably is worded to avoid her being prosecuted for soliciting. As the business is pretty well all pay at point of sale, ie the client would actually be with the provider when anteing up the dosh, where’s the opportunity for a failure to perform action? If the only outcome’s a cup of tea & a nice chat, that’s exactly what was offered

    *Certainly can’t complain about her business attitude. She paid for her power shower installation, cash on the nail.

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