Ms. Millar\’s Fury

Now the coalition\’s devious use of the school admissions code – introduced by Labour to bring more fairness to the system – will allow popular schools to expand without constraint or consultation.

Quite. Isn\’t it just entirely disgusting that parents might be able to send their children to schools that are popular among parents to send their children to?

I mean really. What\’s the point of spending an entire lifetime telling people how they must educated their children if they\’re going to be free to ignore such telling? Where would I be if that were allowed to happen?

5 thoughts on “Ms. Millar\’s Fury”

  1. ” Grammar schools belong to an elitism that has to stop”
    Sort of article you’d expect from a Camden Grammar School for Girls ex pupil.

    Translated: “Now I’ve got to the top, let’s kick that ladder as far away as possible”

  2. Sounds like she doesn’t approve of the coalition’s use of a labour introduced policy so she calls it devious. It must be against the spirit of the policy because Labour can’t have introduced it thinking that it could be used for such regressive manners.

    A bit like Ritchie saying that tax loopholes are against the spirit when they aren’t illegal cause they’re not written down in law.

    That’s what you get when you have one government introducing a policy which is abused by a subequent government. Could be said to be true for just about anything government creates such as the new snooping laws being talked about at the moment.

  3. She’s more than slightly out of touch – her last paragraph shows that she thinks Labour are still in power!!

  4. She is simply lying as well. In the 50s the large majority of grammar schoolboys were working class, as anyone capable of passing the arithmetic paper in the 11+ can check by comparing the number of middle-class children in the 50s, the number at public and private schools and the number of grammar school places.

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