Not exactly a surprise Mr. Buffett

In a letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, the 81-year-old billionaire revealed that he has stage one prostate cancer but his condition \”is not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way\”.

I\’m not quite sure whether it is many, most or nearly all 81 year old men who have prostate cancer.

For most, many, nearly all, it\’s an irrelevance as it grows so slowly that something else kills them first. There are fast growing types too, but they\’re rare.

9 thoughts on “Not exactly a surprise Mr. Buffett”

  1. Age is often the key.

    Get it young and there is a greater chance that it will be aggressive. And it kills. The myth that pc accompanies you to death but it is the number 19 bus that finally runs you over to kill you is not always true.

  2. It’s cancer.

    It may not be immediately life threatening. But even so, it can cause significant discomfort and unpleasantness. It’s curious how there is such eagerness to downplay prostate cancer.

    Prostate cancer is a purely male cancer by the way.

  3. Almost everyone dies with cancers, apparently, but most don’t die of cancers. It seems to me that some people, particularly Americans, make a somewhat disproportionate fuss about cancer (they seem always to name it in the singular, even though it’s a thousand diseases with a common symptom).

    Perhaps that’s partly because some strange logic seems to impel medics to undertreat the pain.

  4. The fast growing types might be rare, but they are very unpleasant, andperhaps not really so rare. I’ve been to 3 funerals of close friends in the last 3 years brought about by the so called rare kind

  5. I wonder why he has told everyone. I think this is more about succession planning (or getting the faithful ready for the transition) than about WB’s health. If he has a low risk version of the disease, as indicated by the FT’s report today, the likelihood of him actually dying of prostate cancer is tiny compared to other health risks for an 81 year old.
    So is this more about how Berkshire will be after the sage is gone?

  6. From Tim’s post yesterday, it seems there’s a potential cure that might welcome a bit of investment.

  7. “It may not be immediately life threatening. But even so, it can cause significant discomfort and unpleasantness.”

    And not just from the examination.

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