Not sure this quite works

I\’ve got a lovely expensive chair me, does great things for back pain.

I’ve slipped a disc again, and for extra fun I’ve managed to do something to the sciatic nerve so there’s pain in my leg that isn’t actually real (it’s referred pain from the nerve) and that doesn’t respond to things like heat patches.

Umm, expensive chairs: alleviate back pain or prevent back pain, which is the point?

6 thoughts on “Not sure this quite works”

  1. Does it work for people who are tall, wide in the shoulders, and big in the arse?

    Work with slipped disc and lower back pain, that is.

  2. I too have an excellent Herman Miller chair, bought because of years of pains various, but including crippling sciatica eventually leading to a spinal operation. I thoroughly recommend it both to prevent injuries in the first place and to aid your recovery when you get them. It’s best to splash out and get one with the maximum features and adjustability – swivel and tilt, seat height and rake, back angle and lumbar support, arm height and width. Small changes to any of these can make a big difference. As for your dimensions, Dearieme, you might be describing me.

  3. Even the best of chairs can’t prevent an injury if you do it away from the chair but they can help you while you are recovering.

    There’s no need for them to be expensive either. Just look for ones with a max user weight comfortably above your own, so it isn’t flimsy, and with lots of adjustable bits.

    Going from a succession of cheap ‘executive’ chairs to a fairly basic but sturdy one made a big difference for me especially through having an adjustable seat depth.

  4. What I’d really like is some way to hire one for a month to try it out, and then buy it if it’s a hit.

  5. “Does it work for people who are tall, wide in the shoulders, and big in the arse?” If so, can we connect them by the hundreds, attach wings, and fly about in ’em? Please.

  6. I’ll have to ask the bar if they can get one of these.

    ( Hey, Miguel! Un momento por favor.)

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