Now they\’re spending the taxes on something illegal

Employers could be sued under age discrimination laws for taking part in Nick Clegg’s £1 billion scheme to get young people jobs, the Government’s own official guidance has warned.

Specifically subsidising jobs for the under 25s is age discrimination against the over 25s.

Makes you wonder how these people get their trousers on the right way around each morning.

7 thoughts on “Now they\’re spending the taxes on something illegal”

  1. This just goes to show that there is so much that government cannot do – in their terms: not put right.

    Or at least not put right without so much complexity that the wrong righted is trivial by comparison.

    Best regards

  2. Its stuff like this that gives me hope actually.

    We have got to the situation now that the State has created so many rules on so many things that they overlap and conflict in so many areas that it becomes more and more difficult for the State to do anything any more. Eventually the system will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.

    Roll on that day.

  3. I don’t see anybody a day older than me in offices, these days (43). Thanks to Labour’s age discrimination act, businesses must have turfed them all out, to save hassle later on when the law came into effect.
    Another case of the leftist heart ruling the head to the detriment of the body.

  4. I don’t understand this – how is it any different from having a lower rate of minimum wage for younger workers?

    If a company has a choice between two workers and one is available at 15% lower wages then the decision to hire them is a rational one and won’t be overturned in a tribunal.

    (Note, my legal expertise was garnered from many hours watching Boston Legal, with a little Perry Mason thrown in.)

  5. I wonder just how often we discriminate on the grounds of age?
    Minimum ages for all sorts of things from getting married to getting a bus pass.
    Are they all illegal I wonder?

  6. THey won’t sell you booze now if you look less than 25 but can’t prove you’re over 18…


    Not that that particularly affects me (regrettably)

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