Ritchie on education

Given how poor the private sector model of education is at preparing people for the reality of the workplace I very much doubt it.

That would explain how the privately educated find it so difficult to get a decent job then I assume?

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  1. I think this statement shows to even the most sympathetic observer that RM inhabits a world entirely of his own making, divorced from reality.

    Pretty much every bit of evidence you could come up with would indicate that private education provision is better than the State version – exam passes, university places, entry into the professions, sports, arts and the media, unemployment levels, wages once in employment, etc etc.

    But in RM world, none of that matters. Things MUST be as he says they are, because then they agree with his view of the world – that collective provision is superior to individual choices. If he had to accept a flaw somewhere in his thinking, the whole edifice would collapse. So reality is ignored where it doesn’t fit his way of thinking.

    And this is a person that seems to have serious input into public discourse (on the Left anyway) on economics and public policy. The mind boggles.

  2. Jim

    The weird and wacky world of right on, right-thinking lefties. Remember, they care and you don’t.

    I can’t even bring myself to call them socialists. The real socialists I know are more realistic (and a little more frightening). They understand the results for some of their more radical policies.

    The trade marks are wishful thinking, ignoring facts and grandstanding. Useful if you know how to say the word fascist too. Reduction of the enemy to greedy baby-eating bastard banking tax-evading homophobic, racist, exploiter and paedophile public school toffs helps too.

    Experts in flying off at a tangent and interrupting.

    Experts in marketing and occupying the moral highground.

    Funny how these people abound in liberal capitalist societies but are strangely missing from earthly paradises.

  3. Wait till next week – he’ll be calling for private education to be banned because it gives an ‘unfair’ advantage over state educated children.

    I doubt he’ll even be aware of the glaring contradiction.

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    So after thirteen years in the warm and loving embrace of the British state education system, what’s the percentage of student who cannot even read, write or do basic arithmetic? Around 20%-ish, isn’t it?

    And what’s the rate for the public school system?

    Which education model is better “at preparing people for the reality of the workplace”?

  5. People like him (ie Leftists generally) start from the assumption that the advantages enjoyed by the privately-educated are all illicit advantages obtained via the Old Boy network.

  6. The only half-way coherent gloss I can put on this is: a) the current labour environment is tough and getting tougher b) private education confers benefits that lessen the struggle c) most people have not had these benefits ergo d) the privately educated are unprepared for this ‘reality” because for them it is not so ‘real’.

    But that’s really reaching and would assume a level of linear thought that is precious little in evidence in Murphy’s witterings. The more plausible explanation, as ever, is that he is a cretin.

  7. He probably thinks that education is a zero sum game.

    Given the reported low levels of numeracy, it is.

  8. I spend half my income on ensuring my children get an inferior education.

    Ah, so you’re a taxpayer!

    C’mon, guys, Murphy doesn’t know what zero sum is. He probably thinks it’s zero plus zero. And he’d get that wrong.

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