Ritchie\’s sometime partner recommends Falangist/Fascist/Nazi policy on trade

This is really quite funny.

Colin Hines, a sometime business partner of Our Ritchie Murphy (in Finance for the Future), is seriously recommending a policy of autarky in the pages of The Guardian.

Famed advancers of this idea have been the Kims in North Korea, Stalin, Ceascescu, Enver Hoxha and the ever popular trio of the Falangists, Fascists and Nazis.

Oh, and Tony Benn of course.

So, Murphmeister, what\’s it like being in business with somone who looks to Il Duce for economic ideas?

12 thoughts on “Ritchie\’s sometime partner recommends Falangist/Fascist/Nazi policy on trade”

  1. Hysterically funny comments stream, too. That’s probably why they published his article – knew it would get a laugh.

  2. If you read Sala-I-Martin’s “I just ran two million regressions” you’ll see that opening the economy is pretty much the only thing the gov’t can do to deliver growth. Oh, apart from establishing the Rule of Law, ie. not implementing a GAAR.

  3. Ah yes, autarky. The idea that something exported from Rhode Island to San Diego is just fine, but something exported from Tijuana to San Diego (a distance of about 20 miles) is evil and must be shunned.

  4. He doesn’t mention leaving the EU, which is the best way of getting back control of our economy.

    “Progressive” Protectionism. Is there any evil which cannot be rendered virtuous by prefixing it with ‘progressive’?

  5. Don’t dis Mussolini. In the 1920s and early 30s he was considered to be an economic genius, the “Man who made the trains run on time”. Much of FDR’s New Deal, especially the NRA, was taken practically word-for-word from Fascist legislation. (In those pre-Hitler days ‘Fascist’ wasn’t a bad word.)

  6. ZT

    and later, when those claims were re-examined, it turned out that they were all wrong. Dennis Mack-Smith’s biography lays it all out.

  7. bol at the nthought of prole Tone (Viscount Stansgate with his pint mug of tea and drip-dry shirts) being saluted as Il Duce!

    That is a wonderfulm image

  8. That’s the best laugh I’ve had this morning. It just goes to show that the Far left and Far Right are not polar opposites as you might assume.

    I forsee a future career as a smuggler of all the advanced technology that self-sufficient Bio-region Britain will be unable to produce. There is no way that Intel or Samsung will set up a semiconductor chip factory in such a backward nation.

  9. You all laugh, but this type of policy is under discussion in policy circles. In a single currency area, (AKA Euro) it is possible to get imbalances. It has been suggested that Greece could have dealt with the problem by reducing imports and increasing exports. The policy solution under discussion is (usually) fiscal devaluation – hike consumption tax (VAT) and reduce payroll tax – this has the same effect as raising import tariffs and giving export subsidies.

    The reason why the latter (tariffs and export subsidies) remain unpopular (especially with sensible peeps) is that cretins run out of the woodwork and start suggesting that autarky is the solution and we can ban imports someone disapproves of.


    Other bad news is that fiscal devaluations look iffy. And in the end sensible peeps think that the Euro should be ditched by the periphery.

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