Royal Society: No, no, no

Platinum is one metal for which absolute scarcity is
likely (Bloodworth pers comm), because of its unique
catalytic properties (eg car exhaust cleaning and
process chemistry). The related metals palladium,
rhenium and osmium may also become limiting.

Rhenium is not a platinum group metal.

Rhodium is.

If they\’re getting this sort of stuff wrong then, well, what weight to place on the bits that I don\’t know in such detail?

5 thoughts on “Royal Society: No, no, no”

  1. Well now, generally, I find that whenever the main stream media report on something that I have personal or professional knowledge of, they get something wrong. But the Royal Society? How are the mighty fallen!

  2. Quite, Glenn. I’ve also found the same thing in the specialist press for my profession, which would imply that MSM are even worse.

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