The Economist refused to comment on the row.

Well quite

The fuming Scottish First Minister took to the airwaves……His Scottish Nationalist ministers took to Twitter en masse…..and now the Telegraph has written about it.

So what is the Economist supposed to say? Well, that\’s £500,000 saved off our advertising budget for this year then? Job done?

8 thoughts on “Skintland”

  1. The Skint response is remarkable for two things – extreme manufactured anger and an utter refusal to engage with the economic argument.

  2. I’m getting bored with this.

    Why doesn’t Cameron just say – let’s have it. A UK wide election. 8 weeks from now. If Scotland says Yes to independence, they go, regardless of how the rest of the UK votes. If the rest of the UK says yes, we chuck em out regardless of how Scotland votes. They are the rules of the contest.

    Simple question: should Scotland be an independent country – yes or no.

    And Cameron makes it clear that if Scotland leaves, negotiations start after the vote, with the rest of the UK playing hard ball as if they were negotiating with another foreign country. Cameron won’t be their Prime Minister then, and therefore will have no qualms about screwing them. Scottish votes can then make of that what they will.

    And if we get 2 ‘no’s’ then the issue will be revisited sometime about 100 years from now. Case closed.

    And if Salmond starts squealing which he probably will, Cameron can just say ‘what’s the matter, fatso – I thought you were keen…’

  3. Adrian your belief in the likelihood of Brenda’s first minister screwing a post-independence Scotland in the same way he would any other foreign jurisdiction is touching.

    He wouldn’t screw Scotland, and he wouldn’t screw any other foreign jurisdiction.

  4. ‘He wouldn’t screw Scotland, and he wouldn’t screw any other foreign jurisdiction.’

    Why not? He’s been screwing us since he was elected.

  5. Chippy bugger isn’t he?

    Scotland would be a land of milk and honey though – for Scottish political troughers like the SNP

  6. Is there a better symbol of the disunity of the UK? A UK mainstream press outlet publishes such a map of one of the Union’s own countries. I know of many examples where a country is lampooned by the press, usually gutter press, but then it’s the press of another country. I can’t recall another example precisely similar to this one, but I’m happy to learn.

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