Something of a dilemma for a UKIPPER

Renounce European Court, Britain urged
Britain should turn its back on the European Court of Human Rights because its rulings on the extradition of terrorist suspects risk undermining the special relationship, a former US ambassador said.

For I do think we should withdraw from the Council of Europe (seriously, who thinks it is a good idea to have Russian and Belorussian judges ruling upon our human rights?) and thus the ECHR.

However, I don\’t think that handing people over to the US Govt is a good reason to do that.

For a start, we Brits should have exactly the same protections against extradition to the US that US citizens have against extradition to the UK. You know, this stuff about presentation of evidence, proof of a prima facie case etc which currently does not need to happen.

And I certainly don\’t think that people should be bundled upon a plane because a Bush Era mustache thinks that they bad \’uns because they\’re Muslim radicals.

The place doesn\’t have a good record on fair trials of such at present, does it?

Actually, to be honest, it\’s probably a good idea that I\’m not a politician with responsibility for such things. For I\’d sit down and talk to my oppo thusly:

\”We do not deliver British citizens to jursidictions where they will not receive a fair trial. Once you try the lot you\’ve already got in the open, under the same laws and rules that apply to everyone else in the US, then we\’ll talk about the new ones you want. Until then the \”land of the free\” can fuck off matey\”.

That would probably have the US Marines storming the beaches at Hove but what the hell, liberty and freedom are worth Hove aren\’t they?

Or as it turns out, not a dilemma for a UKIPPER at all. We Brits have rights because we are Brits and it is our government\’s duty to protect those rights from all comers, whichever flavour of Johnny Foreigner they may be.

5 thoughts on “Something of a dilemma for a UKIPPER”

  1. If the knife and drug crime reports from Hove over the last few years are any indication, the US Marines would be welcomed with open arms by decent citizens (if any are left)….

  2. That Kony character missed a trick, he should have recruited from inner city yoof. He would have saved a fortune on weapons training alone.

  3. Given that the “special relationship” nowaday mainly consists of us pissing on you and saying that its rain, I’m surprised that you haven’t tried to shiv our junk and told us to fuck off.

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