The fury of the ex-wife scorned

Catherine Bennett:

If the churchmen, with only historic precedent to justify their seats, can survive in a much smaller, reformed house, then a similar case can be made – and apparently is being made – for the continued existence of the Lords\’ vast numbers of bumptious hereditaries, placemen, poltroons, soaks, spongers and, in a smaller yet equally tenacious way, perjurers and thieves?


Formerly married to Robert Sackville-West[1] (1985–92), she is the partner of BBC journalist John Humphrys.[4]


Robert Bertrand Sackville-West, 7th Baron Sackville (born 10 July 1958) is a British hereditary peer.

The eldest son of Hugh Rosslyn Inigo Sackville-West and Bridget Eleanor Cunliffe, he inherited the title of Baron Sackville on 27 March 2004

Missed out on being Lady Sackville did we Caro?


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