This Green Deal thing

So, I wonder, how will it actually work?

For example, I\’ve a flat in a Georgian building in Bath. Grade II* listed. So you\’re not allowed to put in double glazing. The walls are, so I\’m told, 4 inch ashlar (erm, I think that\’s the same as a slab of Bath Stone). There\’s no cavity that can be insulated.

And, umm, that\’s about it.

landlords will be forced to make rented properties more efficient;



9 thoughts on “This Green Deal thing”

  1. landlords will be forced to make rented properties more efficient;

    Aren’t pretty much the same people complaining about what private landlords are charging? Can’t see forced major renovations bringing rates down.

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    All you have to do is legislate a few changes in the laws of physics. Simple really.

  3. For long enough all the energy efficiency models have conveniently forgotten that a significant proportion of the housing stock cannot benefit from insulation. I seem to remember a figue of between 10 and 15% from some sork in the 90s.

  4. You have two government edicts clashing. One of listed building status and one of greeniness. Tell the two departments to fight it out and grab a bag of popcorn while you wait for the result.

  5. Free fleece jacket for every tenant!

    Recently the papers had stories that the Government wants people to put several inches of insulation and cladding on houses without cavity walls. That’d never fly with the conservationists. You probably couldn’t even put the insulation on the inside if it is a listed building.

    How far back are we supposed to regress – wood paneling or hanging rugs on the walls?

  6. Actually there is a simple solution. Don’t insulate the houses, insulate the inhabitants. I knew the obesity epidemic would turn out to be useful….

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