This is fun over the Falklands

A group of British and American banks have been threatened with legal action by the Argentine government for advising and writing research reports about companies involved in the Falkland Islands’ £1.6bn oil industry.

The full letter in translation is here.

The essence of their claim is that a company which writes a research note on a company exploring for oil in the disputed territories could be subject to penalties under Argentine law.

That is, free speech in London, it is claimed, is ruled by the opinions of the Buenos Aires courts.

The correct answer to this is of course: \”Fuck off matey\”.

Then again, Argentina is the country where they prosecute economists for independently calculating the inflation rate. So we probably shouldn\’t expect any better from them the ignorant Fascist Dagoes.

6 thoughts on “This is fun over the Falklands”

  1. I s’pose this is how it works.

    “In order to have the privilege of lending us more money to replace the last loan we pissed against the wall without paying you back, you will have to first pay this arbitrary fine.”

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Argentina is dependent on overseas trade for most things. I suggest that the next time they do something really silly, we simply revert to the Good Old Days and let the Royal Navy loose on their trade. With prize money for the crews of course.

    Until they stop.

  3. Well what you said may be the correct answer – I certainly think it is – but what’s the betting that Call-me-Dave’s answer is something like “oh, er, um, maybe we need to talk about this, there could be a way forward, compromise blah blah, need for understanding blah blah, climate change blah blah…”

    Leading later to the inevitable surrender.

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