This is the problem with State Power

The French people and the labour movement will have a lot to lose if the radicalised right – which, moreover, is after the extreme right\’s votes – monopolises state power.

Sometimes the other bloke gets in and enjoys that State Power over you.

The solution is to not allow the State to accumulate such power.

4 thoughts on “This is the problem with State Power”

  1. Melenchon reminds me of that bishop who kept his intellect in trim by believing in six impossible things before breakfast.

  2. This is what amused me about Murphy’s calls for a “Courageous State”.

    Just wait for the State to do something courageous that he wouldn’t like, such as tackling welfare dependency or reforming the NHS, and watch him complain about it.

  3. @Richard: of course in RM world, doing anything that Our Leader didnt agree with would be strict verboten, on pain of who knows what?

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