Those Treasury figures

The extent of tax avoidance by Britain\’s super-rich has been revealed with the release of Treasury figures showing that almost a thousand UK taxpayers earning more than £1m a year have a tax rate of less than 30% of their income.

I\’ve been poking around trying to find the release of those figures. Can\’t see it on the Treasury site.

Anyone know where they actually are?

2 thoughts on “Those Treasury figures”

  1. Correct me if anything is wrong here:

    Say they all earn £1m
    A thousand million is a billion
    Let’s say they pay 50% rate on all of the income, for simplicity.
    The ‘missing’ tax is 20%
    That works out as £200m. We probably borrow this every 12 hours.
    Perhaps we could be expending all of this energy finding spending cuts instead?

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