Timmy at The Telegraph

Comparing Colin Hines\’ economics with that of the BNP.


7 thoughts on “Timmy at The Telegraph”

  1. Dear doG!! What a bunch of sad sacks read the blogs @telegraph. Not only do they not understand the thrust of the argument, they enjoy showing their lefty ignorance.

  2. Tim’s certainly setting what might be an unpopular precedent. Responding to comments. Not often done with Telegraph columnists. The words come from the oracles as from on high & disagreement will not be recognised. (See Lean, Ridell, Ancona…..)

  3. Keynes believed in State trading of commodities; an international cartel for necessary manufactures; quantitative import controls for nonessential manufactures.
    The Nazis invented the Retail Price Index based on a basket of goods .
    The Thirties was ,in economic history terms,even weirder than people think.

  4. From a scan throught the comments, there’s not much difference between Tele commentators and Guar commentators. You could combine them into one GuarTel persona.

    Carry on the good work of slow persuasion.

  5. Tim I think your piece would have had more force if you’d just allowed the two quotes to speak for themselves.

    Off topic, and I hope you won’t take this badly, but Mrs BIFF looked at your by line photo, and says that smeary specs are really bad and wearing a tie with pyjamas is a definite NO NO.

    Maybe Frances or Julia could help?

  6. Lord Tebbit still outdoes you with the number of comments….but 500+ every time is good going. I hope you get something rewarding out of interacting with people who make Arnald seem intelligent.

  7. Love the juxtaposition of BNP and Caroline Lucas in the tags…
    Oh, and the loony who wants fishing trawlers to use Sails to travel to fishing grounds. Jesus fucking Christ. I suggest he rides on horseback to work instead of the 20 mile commute by train. Twat.

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