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One of Italy\’s problems: the tolerable administration of justice.

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  1. Im boggling that Italy’s final court of appeal is capable of dealing with 80,000 cases a year. It’s a staggering amount. Even mob-handed with capable judges, that’s an amazing turnover of business.

  2. No doubt these 000s of appeals are of great constitutional significance to the litigants. But the waste of talent (assuming all these lawyers have brains at all) is amazing. Poor Italy!

  3. I asked one of my mates in Rome about this, and he says it’s all Mussolini’s fault. Apparently perversion of the course of justice in Fascist times meant that three grades of justice were seen as essential after the war to avoid what went on before…so it’s in the constitution now.

    A change to the constitution would (at minimum) need parliament’s approval, but the lawyers have a strong presence there and they’re not going to vote themselves out of jobs.

    All very difficult & I doubt Monti will touch it.

    Still, the great virtue of Italian society is that everybody knows their ruling class is bent & hence they ignore them wherever possible. So they’ll probably muddle through.

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