Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

This limits to growth stuff:

To account for substitutability between resources a simple and robust position has been taken. First, it is assumed here that metals and minerals will not substitute for bulk energy resources such as fossil fuels.

Eh? But that\’s what solar power is, windmills, nuclear…..


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  1. Oh, but …

    Look – it is a simple position. Straight from the Ladybird book of Gaia Worship. But definitely simple.

    And it is robust – in rude good health in fact. Far more people believe it than your refutation. I suspect it will get thousands of times as many readers as your post. In the memetic race, they’re clearly ahead, if not actually the obvious winner.

    Doesn’t stop them being utterly silly (it’s an assumption – it can’t actually be ‘wrong’ in that sense.)

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