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At the ASI:

Which is something that has always puzzled me. Why is it so difficult to persuade those who have had and enjoyed a toot that it would be a good idea to make it easier, safer, less violent and less destructive of civil liberties for everyone else to enjoy a toot? Sure, you or I may think that making it to the front bench is as low as any human being could go, as far as it is possible to fall as a result of the evils that drug use will do to you, killing brain cells and suppressing all morals, but surely the politicians themselves don\’t think that, do they?


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  1. ‘we strengthen public health and social protection systems in order to prevent substance abuse and provide support to drug addicts and their relatives?’

    Why should we? Its their choice.

    A tsunami of ‘addiction treatment’ and sickness benefits – the start of a great industry!

    Proponents will claim that the costs will be paid out of increased tax revenue – which of course won’t find its way into politicians pet projects (ie reelection)… or will it?

    Build a sense of responsibility into any changes and not a cult of victimhood and more people might be open to the idea

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