Timmy elsewhere

At the Telegraph Blogs. Joined them for a bit to see how it goes.

So it turns out that fracking for shale gas really is more effective at making the earth move than all the onanism of the enviros over windmills. We should thus get on with drilling and stop building the bird-choppers.

12 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. I was delighted to see this – I’m a regular Telegraph reader, and this is a great move for both parties. Welcome, Tim!

  2. Nice piece, Tim. But I see the AGW trolls are out in force.

    I can’t see the problem with fracking; it’s all upsides especially for our economy and some areas ‘up north’ where they could do with good jobs.

    As a ex-pat from the mining areas of Lancashire, a few minor earthquakes are nothing. As a lad, I’ve seen amazing subsidence.

  3. Awesome we need someone there to complain about their “hands off our land” gibberish.

    Best of luck with that. Normally it’s just me in the comments section versus two hundred green-wellied land communists wanking on about their rural idyll and the evils of “development”.

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