Timmy on West Midlands radio

So, I did a little piece following up that Telegraph stuff on manufacturing. On West Midlands radio.

Fun 5 minutes etc.

But then there\’s always that thing about local radio, isn\’t there? The call in before me was David in Walsall with his idea about what to do with Breivik.

Give him some morphine, cut off a digit. Let him wake up, feel what you\’ve done, more morphone, another digit. Over the months cut him down to a torso and head and then leave him be for a few decades to ponder on what he\’d done.

This would be humane as it wouldn\’t in fact be capital punishment.

There is a reason why Mum emigrated from the West Midlands.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well on the plus side, if we did that with all lifers, prison rape would go down…..

    I am reminded of Nirad C. Chauhudri who said the West failed to understand Gandhi’s non-violence. The fact that he did not support capital punishment didn’t mean he was a nice person. It only meant that wrong doers were sewn into a sack with a serpent, a pole cat and a ferret and then dumped in a river. Those nice non-violent people didn’t lay a finger on the guy. Or words to that effect.

    Of course because we don’t have capital punishment we aren’t that cruel. We simply allow them to brutalise other prisoners and rot in tiny cells while going out of their minds. That’s the humane way.

  2. Then he could get a part in a Monty Python film: if they ever make another. Which part he’d get into the film could be a subject of debate.

  3. I know a guy who went down for manslaughter for killing another guy with one blow outside a pub. 12 months btw.

    The older he got the more anti-depressants he needed and he eventually hung himself.

    Life terms can also be cruel and unusual too. As Ian Huntleys current state demonstrates.

  4. As a fellow Walsall resident I’d say that was too easy on the guy. I’d not have morphine involved at all.
    Luckily for all concerned I’m not involved in decisions regarding punishment.

  5. the great redacto

    Your local radio interlocutor makes the people who comment at the Telegraph seem reasonable. Enjoyed the article.

  6. Tim,

    I’m afraid that your piece on manufacturing in the Telegraph wasn’t one of your best as you based it on the false premise that manufacturing output hasn’t been falling.

    In fact, it has, as ONS statistics make clear, manufacturing output in the UK is lower than it was a decade ago. It stagnated from 2001 onwards and then fell in the recession.

    I have no problem with manufacturing output falling as a percentage of GDP (this is the case in most advanced economies, including Germany) but it is rare for it to actually decline in real terms over a sustained period, as we have seen in the UK. The fall in manufacturing output (and the corresponding rise in the trade deficit) tells you more about our loss of ability to compete internationally under Labour than any other statistic.

  7. But then there’s always that thing about local radio, isn’t there?

    Yup – but then again there’s the same thing about the timworstall.com comments threads… so I imagine you felt right at home.

  8. Though not perfect there are lots of good things about the West Midlands conurbation – no Londoners, for instance.

  9. Souds like the idea of state torture didn’t get much dissent.
    And what do you do when faced by a thousand breivik
    – because the west isn’t doing much with the explosive using persuaders – that are nearly everywhere.

  10. Souds like the idea of state torture didn’t get much dissent.

    But torture as punishment is, however “cruel and un-natural” (and I’d disagree with the latter – it is a common part in so many primitive societies that it seems to be entirely ‘natural’. Which, if course, doesn’t make it ‘right’), at least more rational than torture as interrogation.

    What do you do with a thousand Breiviks? Arm the police. He’s only unusual because of the number if his victims and that his insane ideology is different from that of the current modal terrorist murderer.

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