You what?

Another early test will be whether the Government appoints Lord Deben (the erstwhile John Gummer) – a good political operator, if not always popular with greens – to the vacant chairmanship of the official Committee on Climate Change, also against Treasury opposition.

, isn\’t he the bloke that\’s made a fortune out of sucking up the green subsidies?

And Geoffrey Lean thinks it would be a good idea to put him in charge of, umm, the allocation of green subsidies?

Can we say \”producer capture\” kiddies?

5 thoughts on “You what?”

  1. I’ve told you before, DON’T READ LEAN’ he’ll send you to an early grave, or, more probably for recycling.

  2. and why do we need a committee on climate change? It sounds a little too similar to the committee of public safety for my liking.

  3. diogenes: hah! Nice one. And there’s been more than a few noises out of the more excitable Green misanthropes lately to indicate they’d be more than happy in the role of tricoteuses as the tumbrils full of AGW sceptics trundle towards the guillotine.

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