Yup, Left Foot Forward Again

equally predictably, talk of policy, as ever during this race, has struggled to get a look in.

Take transport, for example, one of the key battlegrounds in the contest.

Please note, I\’ve not elided anything there. That really is the next sentence.

No one\’s talking about policy in this race but transport policy is the key battleground?


5 thoughts on “Yup, Left Foot Forward Again”

  1. “London would not be hosting the Olympics in 100 days had we not invested in its transport system.”

    So, the return of investing in London is a £10bn bill and 3 weeks of traffic chaos? Might be worth doing a bit less of it, eh?

  2. Nobody is talking about policy?

    I have read several serious fiskings of Ken’s ‘policies’ such as they are.

    I really had no axe to grind, except that now and seen from a distance, Ken, who I have had the pleasure to get to know in these elections seems to be a hypocritical, voteseeking, minority card-playing, bad-mouthing desperate career politician.

    Who is not talking about policies? Or do you just mean nobody is saying Ken is right? Not even his own. A shade of amde your own bed as well…

    Can’t be more lost than that!

  3. No, it says *one* of the key battlegrounds.. I’m sure the candidates have done their homework and actually asked the voters what their main concerns are since they do want to at least be seen to be making some effort to address them..

  4. Typical leftie tolerance of ideas and opinions that do not coincide with one’s own; ignore it.
    Don’t bother to engage and make a debate of it, just dismiss it out of hand. Tell the voters to do what you tell them to do, expunge any opposition, wherever it comes from. Very tolerant and inclusive, as always.

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