A note on the Bloomsbury Group

They seem to have known everything about how humanity should live and nearly nothing about actual humans.

6 thoughts on “A note on the Bloomsbury Group”

  1. Hmm,

    The liaison was brief and doomed — “I was masochistic and he was sadistic,” as she recalled

    I hate to extrapolate from my purely vanilla life but isn’t that actually indicative of compatibility? Sort of like “he likes girls, she likes boys”.

  2. The whole lot of them seem to be a right shower. The women in the obit seems to have spent her entire life trying to spark up relationships with previous boyfriends of her father.

    The sheer arrogance of the Bloomsbury crowd. Can’t even sort out their own soap-opera lives but think they can prescribe for everyone else?

  3. When I’ve referred to the whole shower as The Bloomsbuggers I have been rewarded with a detectable frisson. Or do I mean delectable?

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Angelica Garnett once remarked that the Bloomsbury Group was “like a hydra — cut off one of its heads and another one appears”

    I am enormously sympathetic to this poor woman whose life got off to such a bad start and then went down hill most of the time. But honey, sweetie, dearie, if you don’t want the Bloomsbury group popping up all the time, stop writing books about them!

    One childhood misery porn is understandable in the circumstances. But four?

    They bought her a house in the South of France. Doesn’t seem to be a lot else in her life. She should be a little grateful that her parents were a dentist and an accountant from Cricklewood.

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