Oh my.

Written evidence submitted to Parliament by a former chief auditor at A4e shows how an “unethical culture” led to “systemic fraud” at the company, which holds major government contracts. When concerns were raised about wrongdoing with senior managers, little was done to address the widespread abuse of taxpayers’ money, the whistleblower alleged.

Of course this should be investigated:

After the Labour Party came to power in 1997, they introduced the back to work New Deal service for those on Jobseeker\’s Allowance, requiring claimants to attend classes or risk losing their benefit. A4e was the largest provider of New Deal services in the UK, and had contracts for the New Deal worth £80 million.[10][11] When the New Deal was wound down in 2010, A4e was paid a share of £63?million in \”termination fees\”.[12]

A4e was awarded a contract for the Pathways to Work scheme in 2008,[13] with a target to get 30 per cent of participants into employment. In February 2012 the Public Accounts Committee heard the success rate was 9 per cent.

There\’s enough potential mud there to screw up both major parties.

We have a criminal justice system too: so use it.

Just one leetle, leetle point though. Sins did not start, if sins there were, in May 2010. So no investigation into sins should start there either, should it?

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  1. The difference being that Labour were merely ripped off by A4e, while the Tories appointed A4e’s head crook as their families advisor.

    Just like Labour were merely craven to News Corp, while the Tories appointed the NOTW’s former head crook as their press advisor.

    What did Lady Bracknell say about carelessness again…?

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