Any university systems get access to ISO standards?

I\’m looking for a copy of EN-ISO 14819-2 and really don\’t want to have to pay 224 CHF for it.

These sorts of standards? Are they the sort of thing that university networks can get hold of without fees? Included in the usual library subscriptions?

The actual document is the list of codes to inform satellite navigation systems of problems. Might make a fun little article, so it\’s not exactly important that I get a copy….

Update: Many thanks to Ray P and Jock C: I now have this.

3 thoughts on “Any university systems get access to ISO standards?”

  1. Not in my library by the looks of it. Only individual books with particular standards covered, and even then only four of them. Somewhat surprised as we have .e.g engineering, IT and building departments. So I’ll keep looking through one or two other indexes I haven’t checked yet).

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