Best bit of Ritchie\’s report?

All the referrences to things which back up his position are in fact Ritchie.

There is not one single independent source in agreement with him. Not one that he quotes at least.

11 thoughts on “Best bit of Ritchie\’s report?”

  1. Interesting.

    Lefties have spent the last week (correctly) rubbishing the Beecroft Report for its lack of any, actual, evidence.

    But Ritchie’s equally unevidenced assertions (or rather only evidenced by his own data) is roundly praised.

  2. @john miller ‘Getting a bit obsessive, this…’

    How about, don’t read the blog?
    Richard Murphy is getting an awful lot of play in the mainstream media and almost no-one is taking the trouble to fisk his idiocy. It’s a good thing that someone is.

  3. What did you expect from a raging narcissist like Murphy? He probably thinks that self citation is the only reliable kind.

  4. Whilst the number of ‘ragging on’ posts seems to have increased exponentially, I think Tim is doing a First-rate job in exposing the innumerable contradictions and outright fallacies in his thinking. I also admire him, for, unlike Murphy operating an ‘open door’ policy in terms of comments which Murphy, by his own admission, refuses to do for fear of giving ‘oxygen’ to the somewhat nebulously defined ‘Neoliberal’ disciples of conventional economics

    As Interested points out, Murphy and his beliefs are gaining ground and being taken seriously by the mainstream media. His ‘Courageous’ State bears a remarkable resemblance to the USSR, and he is arguably the closest thing to an ‘intellectual guru’ driving what little policy we have seen from the Labour opposition. His ideas basically mean the death of individual freedom and total state control over every aspect of economic life. It is incumbent upon any and everyone to sound the warning, and Tim has arguably done more than anyone – more power to his pen!

  5. Vandy

    That’s the shittest thing I’ve ever read.

    And this Worstall writhes within the human sewers.

    Do better.

  6. Arnald: If that’s the shittiest thing you’ve ever read, you obviously don’t read your own posts. Actually, that explains a lot – try editing them down to plain old nonsense in future.

  7. The Pedant-General

    That Ritchie references only Ritchie is to miss the point of the exercise. This report allows everyone else to spout similar nonsense and then reference this report as being an authoritative source.

  8. Arnald

    I’m pleased you’ve removed Murphy’s penis from your mouth for long enough to write such a learned response! Best get back-he’ll be missing you! Suck on, my man, suck on!

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