Couldn\’t you have done this on Monday?

Union leaders predict that up to 400,000 workers will be involved in a wave of demonstrations, fuelled by ministers making clear in yesterday\’s Queen\’s Speech that they are pressing ahead with their controversial reforms.

Y\’know, it was the day marked out to celebrate labour n\’everything?

5 thoughts on “Couldn\’t you have done this on Monday?”

  1. Unfortunately whenever they strike there’s about half a dozen standing around outside the Royal Courts whom I have to walk past. They get in my way a little.

  2. Couldn’t you have done this on Monday?

    What give up a Bank Holiday? Are you stark, raving mad?

    The unions exist to enforce peoples rights (fuck the responsibilities), not to ignore them.

    Next you’ll be suggesting that we give up the special Queens Birthday Bank Holiday that only civil servants get just because we’re communist, republican, anti-monarchists.

    You are British aren’t you?

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